The Yacht Rona

The Yacht Rona

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Day 41–It’s my birthday!

Just wanted to start by saying that I am excited it is my birthday! The big 2-4! We are just having a relaxing day at home after going for a delicious breakfast. We are going to save the celebrations and fun for my birthday until we get to Scotland.

We I am sure will have a couple nights out at the pub, The Lounge, in Lerwick but my favourite nights for sure are the nights drinking and having a great time on Rona. The taxi drivers that would be lined up on the Victoria Pier every morning would get a good chuckle at our expense every single morning. As Will would carry the empty bottles of wine and scotch up to the skips to recycle, he would be greeted with smiles, probably wondering how so much alcohol was consumed each night for about a week and a half straight. What no one knows it the amazing memories that those nights created.

From the reminiscing between Will and his father about Will’s childhood, to the funny times that they again two nights later reminisced about the exact same things. Even just the good laughs we had and the talks of getting to know each other that we found out just how much Becky and I have in common! Each night was crazy and different and usually involved a lot of eating also.

At the end of our time on Rona, Jim and Becky happily let us know that we were the longest staying guests on Rona. Let’s hope this year is just as much and more fun and that we make a lot more memories.

- Michelle

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